Is it ok to be a people pleaser?

people pleaser

Are you a people pleaser, or do you know one?

I was recently talking to a friend about her relationship with her husband.

She said she knows how to keep him sweet.

She praises him (even when she’s angry), and she doesn’t ask...

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confused Are you feeling confused?  Do you have tangled thoughts, mind racing, mixed messages and bad communications? When communication is unclear this can result in confusion.  How many times have your listened to instructions and half way through them got lost in language.  People have different ways of expressing...
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Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Sorry seems to be the hardest word Do you find it difficult to say sorry? It's true: sorry seems to be the hardest word. Or perhaps you wait patiently and longingly to hear that word. The power of an apology can make a huge difference in relationships between people....
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