Any guilt trips planned for this year?

guilt trip

Been on a guilt trip lately?  Or perhaps you are on one as you are reading this.

Think of all those amazing places you could go to in the world.   Even if you don’t pack a suitcase or leave your house you could be in a much better place right now than the guilt trip.

So you didn’t call that person you said you would.  Will they survive?  I’m sure they will.

So you are meant to put aside an afternoon this week to visit someone that means a lot to you.  Well maybe you want to go and I’m sure you mean well but you just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day.

Did you give more attention to one of your children than the other last night? That bedtime story wasn’t meant to take half an hour, how were you to know there would be so many questions.

Have you spoken to your mother lately?  Did you remember her card and present on Mothers day but perhaps you forgot to send one to your grandmother and your sister did.   Now her halo shines more brightly than yours.

You still haven’t got round to sending thank you cards for your wedding presents.  Ok, its been 2 months now but you’ve been on honeymoon and you still haven’t unpacked and your great aunty has just phoned to see if you received the cheque on the wedding day that was clearly in the card she handed to you personally.

OK, enough now.

Just breathe and take another breath.

You are not a bad person.

Want to know why? Read the rest of the article here. And most of all, stop beating yourself up. Use the GUILT Mood Card to help make sense of how you feel and work through this.