How can the Mood Cards help?

There are huge benefits to understanding moods and emotions.   In fact people who are consciously aware of their emotions cope well in most social situations. They are able to self-regulate disruptive moods and manage relationships more skillfully. When you are more aware of yourself you also become more sensitive and empathic to the needs of others. Accepting and understanding yourself will lead to clearer thinking, more motivation and a healthy life balance.

For positive mental health it is important to be aware of your moods, feelings and emotions and to be able to express them appropriately.

We all experience a range of emotions and moods on an ongoing basis and it is perfectly ok to do so. However, quite often we feel judgements on ourselves by others for feeling a certain way. Or indeed we feel guilty or bad about our own feelings. We are all beautiful souls transitioning through life and our emotions are an expression of the essence of who we are in any given moment. Therefore to deny any part of ourselves is missing a wonderful opportunity to learn.

The mood cards offer you an opportunity to learn about yourself, your mind, your own psychology and behaviour.

By learning to understand your feelings you become empowered. By recognizing physical symptoms that accompany certain feelings you learn to control your mind and actions. By thinking through your emotions you can apply logic which puts you in the right direction for positive growth. Emotional intelligence is an ongoing process fundamental to effective thinking and the key to this is self-awareness.

The mood cards are a simple guide to self-awareness, mood regulation and emotional intelligence.

The Mood Cards will be that box that sits at the side of your bed or on a special place on your bookshelf. It will be much used and worn over a period of time. Perfect too for gifts for those that you care about.

Also suitable for counsellors, therapists, teachers, parents and health care professionals working with adults and children.