How to Use

There are many ways that The Mood Cards can be used, most notably in personal, parental and professional environments.

They can be used by anyone and everyone and are portable so can be used anywhere.  Use them with the youngest members of your family and the eldest to help encourage communication.  Use with friends and family for self-development, and in a professional capacity in numerous and varied settings.  The cards help to expand emotional intelligence, aid memory, increase empathy, manage difficult emotions and improve relationships across the board.

We’ve created guides to help you through your journey with the Mood Cards. Please follow the links below:

How to use the Mood Cards as individuals, couples and friends

Whether you are using the cards on your own, with a partner or friend there are many ways to benefit. We’ve gathered our favourite ways to use the Mood Cards, which you can view by clicking here.

How parents use the Mood Cards to build self-esteem

Because of the simple faces and clear colours, The Mood Cards appeal to children from a very young age. Click here to find out how parents are using the Mood Cards to help build self-esteem and encourage communication.

How to use the Mood Cards in professional settings

The Mood Cards are already being used in numerous professional settings:

  • counselling and therapy rooms
  • coaching and NLP practices
  • primary and secondary schools
  • youth services
  • hospices
  • social care and mental health settings
  • For people suffering dementia
  • For children with special needs such autistic spectrum and learning disabilities

To find out more about how the Mood Cards are being used in a professional environment, please click here.