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The Mood Cards in Bosnia

I was delighted to meet Lesley Walker recently when I visited Grenfell Tower as part of a group of complementary therapists.  She told me that last year she travelled to Bosnia as part of The Healing Hands network and took the cards with her.  Apparently she was looking for a way to bridge the language barrier and found the cards online. She said:

I was looking on Amazon for something to help me communicate with the clients I would be seeing in Bosnia. I was first talking therapist that healing hands network had sent out to Bosnia. I intended to use the EFT tapping but at the last minute a previous volunteer told me that EFT didn’t work very well out there so I was in a bit of a quandary as to what to do given the language issue. That’s when I found your cards and thought that maybe I could put them to good use . As it turned out I had two very good translators assigned to work with me and the language barrier was never an issue. I carried your cards with me every day all over Bosnia to the outreach centres where I worked from. Whilst I actually never used the cards in the way you intended them to be used they were a source of joy to those who did see them . They are so colourful and beautiful to look at. These people have nothing and the conditions we worked in were extremely basic . To simply hold the cards and look through them was a pleasure to those who saw them – including my translator! It was my intention to leave the cards out there but somehow in my excitement to pack for home I neglected to take them out of my bag . When I return to Bosnia (either later this year or next spring) I shall take them again and will leave them out there.

They are in Slovenian and soon to be Czech but I will be finding out if we have a Bosnian edition coming out soon so Lesley can take them with her.


The Mood Cards will soon be at The Earthdance Summer Gathering (27th – 30th July 2017) where we will be sitting in a big Yurt having lots of discussions about moods and emotions and how to be more empathic, emotionally intelligent, accepting and confident!  THERE WILL BE AN AMAZING LINE UP OF WORKSHOPS, MUSIC AND EXPERIENCES CO-CREATED BY LEADING, INTERNATIONALLY RESPECTED FACILITATORS, MUSICIANS… AND YOURSELVES!  If you would like to join us please contact

The Earthdance Summer gathering July 2017

Earthdance Summer Gathering


Past Events

The Mood Cards will be in Chelmsford 3rd and 4th June where they will be fully explained in the workshop Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Wisdom.  Come say Hi and find out how they can help you have better relationships, more fun, emotional awareness and SOO much more.

Chelmsford MBS June 3 and 4 2017

Chelmsford MBS June 3rd and 4th 2017

For more information see: Chelmsford Mind Body Soul

The recent Mind Body Soul Festival in April 2016 at Kempton Park Racecourse, UK provided a fantastic opportunity to promote The Mood Cards.  In fact it was great to have people coming up to my stand to say they have heard about them already and wondered what they are all about.  It was my great pleasure to demonstrate with so many awesome people.  Also at the workshop on Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Wisdom.  Thank you for everyone that came to say hi.

MBS Kempton Park

Mind Body Soul Festival Kempton Park











With Christian Kyriacou, The House Whisperer about how and why I created The Mood Cards and how they can help develop empathy and emotional intelligence.