Mood Card Guide

Based on mindfulness, cognitive therapy and positive psychology.

Psychology does not have to be complicated.  This box set is simple to use and easy to understand.  It has been thoughtfully created as a way to enable you to make sense of your moods and emotions in a structured way.   The box contains a short instruction guide on how to use the cards.  There are questions on each mood and a positive affirmation to consider.

As we are not just a mind or a body or a soul the cards take account of all three.

The Mind – The questions, based on cognitive therapy, are relevant and specific to each mood and every question will enable you to consider every emotion in more depth and find ways to move forward through active thinking which will increase your emotional intelligence.


The Body – The colours of each image have been created to reflect the colours and meanings of the chakra system.  For example red relates to our root chakra, and is powerfully linked to primitive and emotional survival needs and  our need to be rooted and secure.  On the other hand red also brings passion and strength to our lives.  You will see as you choose your cards from the box how the colours can help you to become more empowered.

The Soul – The cards as a whole will reach into the core of who you are to find the answers for yourself.  The affirmations work on a deep level by repetition and sub-conscious awareness of new patterns of thought and energy.   In that way, they become a spiritual journey of discovery.

The simple designs make this product suitable for anyone to use either alone, with another person or in groups.

The Mood Cards are used by individuals as well as being suitable for counsellors, therapists, teachers, parents and health care professionals working with adults and children.